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Letter from Duncan Innes, President, to SRC Presidents and others

General circular letter from Duncan Innes, President of the National Union of South African Students, with a report giving information on the National Union, its aims and objectives and its work. A brief history of the National Union is included.

Letter from Duncan Innes, President, NUSAS, to SRC Presidents and National Executive

Circular letter from the President of the National Union of South African Students, Duncan Innes, reporting on a meeting between a delegation from NUSAS and the Minister of Police and the Interior.

Letter from Neville Curtis, President-elect, NUSAS, to National Executive, SRC Presidents and Local Chairmen

General circular letter from the President-elect of NUSAS with details of finances and fundraising plans for National Union of South African Students.

The meaning of Black Consciousness in the struggle for liberation

The meaning and definition of Black Consciousness in South Africa is discussed as well as the challenge of developing community projects. The formation of SASO (South African Students Organisation) and the impact of Black Consciousness on politics in South Africa are also discussed.

A Democrat among the Republicans

Article about Robert Kennedy's visit to South Africa and the anticipated consequences of his visit


Abasebenzi, published by the Wages Commission, Student's Representative Council at the University of Cape Town, aimed to create awareness by informing workers in the Western Cape (mainly Cape Town) of the importance of worker unity, organisation and representation in order to protect their intere


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