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Where do you fit in?
Apartheid in nursing: a challenge: an African nurse
The situation in Katlehong

In Katlehong the organisations in existence are ERAPO and Katlehong Youth League which has not affiliated to the United Democratic Front affiliates and other progressives.

A Democrat among the Republicans

Article about Robert Kennedy's visit to South Africa and the anticipated consequences of his visit

Black Power - Students Forced to Leave Meeting - SASO and other affairs

Four students of UND walked outh of a student body meeting at Alan Taylor residence last Thursday. The meeting began with antagonism towards four White students present, during the discussion queries were made about "foreigner" or "intruders" at the meeting.

The future society as seen by the Black People's convention

The first of a number of articles dealing with a kind of society that BPC envisages. This particular article scans the total policy outlook, at the heart of which is a reminder that we are striving for the attainment of an open society.

New ball-game in South African politics

The launching of the United Democratic Front in Cape Town marked the beginning of a new ball-game in South Africa.

Thousands flock to United Democratic Front launch

Thousands of people and about 400 organisations from all over the country came to the lauch of UDF and messages of supports from all organisations nationwide and abroad were received.

The United Democratic Front: a workerist response

Article discussing the nature of UDF and the discussion making of UDF.

Municipal elections

An article stating the approach to the municipal elections which was determined by the state of the organisation, the mood of the masses and the strengths and weaknesses of the regime and the campaign against the municipal elections was not the only one facing the mass democratic movement.

Draft resolution on financial matters relating to winding up of the United Democratic Front

Article about the draft resolution on financial matters relating to winding up of the United Democratic Front.

Reader's view: "The sell-out of the sports struggle"
The NSC: troublemaker par excellence
A new role for Afra from resistance to reconstruction
Afra News readership survey results
What is TUCSA?
How can registered unions help African workers?


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