Peter Brown

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Letter from P.M. Brown to Mr Chris Heymans

This is just to confirm that the issue of REALITY which will carry your seriies of articles will have deadline of the end of January.

if you have any photographs or other illustrations could be used as a cover or in the text.

Letter to Francis

REALITY  published an article of Mark Swilling. Which he never gave consent  to be published.  It was a draft copy . There will be an apology in the next issue.

Letter from P M. Brown to the Manager of Exclusive Books

REALITY Board withdraw the sale of September issue of REALITY  from Exclusive Books.......

Letter from Daniel Britz to REALITY

Northwestern University Library requested a copy of Vol.18 No. 6 (November 1986)  from Reality which owas not received.



Letter from Peter Brown to Mr Nilsen

Mr Nilsen subscription cash went missing also and English subscriber 5 dollar went  missing

Letter from Peter Brown to Mrs Jean farrant

Missing Subscription cash for the subscription has not reached REALITY magazine 

Letter from Peter Brown to Venn Memeth and Hart

A letter written to acknowledge receipt of subscription fee to Reality.

Letter from F.A. Proudfoot to Reality

Enquiring what kind of articles are published in Reality Magazine.

Letter from Peter Brown to Prof. Michael Whisson

Article was sent  to Michael

Letter from Keyan Tomaselli to Mr Peter Brown

Permission to re produce a ca book book from the REALITY Vol. 18 No. 4 1986  a paper published by Ben Parker.



Letter from Peter Brown to Allan

Your lecture arrived safely yesterday. I haven't phoned to tell you this because our phone stopped working about a week ago. Apparently if you dial the number it rings away - but nothing happens at our end.



Letter from R. Hollett to Peter Brown

This is just a line to thank you very much for your letter of the.....

Letter from Mrs Jean Farrant

Subscription fee paid from England 5 Pounds to REALITY.

Letter from F. Wotherspoon to Reality Publications

Replacement copy of Reality vol. 19 no.3 1987  received  and renewal invoice for 1988

Letter to Robin Hallett from Peter Brown

I have been living happily with the confident illusion that.....


Letter to Prof. Jonathan Burchell from Reality Office

Thank you very much for doing the article for REALITY....


Letter to Mr Mike Roussos from P.M. Brown

Before he left for America, Francis Antonie told me that you had very kindly agreed to review the book.....



Letter to Gregory Gransden from Peter Brown

Many thanks for your subscripion and donation which......

Letter to Errol Moorcroft from Peter Brown

I realised after putting the phone down last night that Mike had......

Letter from Bill Paton to the Southern African literature society

Thank you for continuing to send us 20 copies of Reality.....


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