Photographs & Postcard Albums

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Young Zulu girls.


Young Zulu man dressed in courting outfit.


Women and children collecting water from the river.


Zulu elderly men.

Music Lessons

Young Zulu married woman teaching children how to play musical instruments.


Young Bhaca girl braiding each other's hair.

Zulu Maidens

Young Zulu maidens.

Zulu Youth

Zulu young girls and boys.

'Amabutho:Zulu Youth

Zulu young men: Amabutho carrying weapons.

'Christian's Kraal

A 'Christian's Kraal' in Marian Hill.

Zulu Girls Dancing

Zulu Girls dancing in the field.


Zulu Twins.

Bhaca Females

A group of Bhaca females.

Zulu Mothers

Zulu mothers nursing their babies.

Basotho Family

A Basotho family.


A family Abathembu from the Eastern Cape.

Making Beer

Zulu women cooking sogurm beer. 

Basotho Beer Drink

Basotho Men sitting down for a beer drink.

Bhaca Woman

A Bhaca woman posing with hair distinct hairstyle.

Collecting Water

Young Zulu boys watching girls coming from the river. 


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