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Indian Boycott movement - 1947
The History of Apartheid in South Africa
Race Classification
Race relations
Future of race relations in South Africa
Ballinger Papers A 410
Race relations of a rainbow nation? A case of an African chiefdom and Indian workers in colonial Natal.
Race Relations and Class Conflict as factors in South African History in the 20th Century

The racial basis of the modern South African state is a truism. There was white supremacy everywhere in South Africa before 1910 but Union formalised and intensified it, Lord......

Letter from Peter Brown to Mike
Letter from Peter Brown to Sipho Sigodi
Dr. Yusuf Mohamed Dadoo: His speeches, articles and correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi, 1939-1983

speeches, articles and correspondence with Mahatma Gandhi

Letter from Cleminshaw to Sister Margaret

It was a good idea to send me the letter which incorporated a message from Sophie Cobotwana herself. I do appreciate it, and
also shared the pleasure of it with Rev. David Russell.

Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXV No.1 Issued 16 January 1978
Letter from J D Rheinallt Jones to Mr Cooper

In the View of the tensions which have been created over the U.N.O. discussions on South West Africa and the South African Indian situation and particularly over the actions taken by certain individual....

Letter from Alan Paton to Muriel Horrell
The Long View: Nationalism and the Theatre, Contact vol 8, no. 3
Letter from Alan Paton to Ian E Bernhardt
Speech by Alan Paton
Race Relations
Letter from J. Sandys Smith to Paton


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