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US sanctions on the cards
"Act in unity and unite in action"
Isolation of South Africa: Part two
Text of telex received from Rev Frank Chikane

Telex from Rev Frank Chikane, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches to the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA, October 9, 1987 about the South African Council of Churches position on sanctions.

Botha and the bosses will suffer, not us
Solidarity with striking GM workers
Call for sanctions against South Africa:Address to the International Conference against Sanctions, Paris, May 21, 1981

Paper presented by Oliver Thambo at the International Conference of Sanctions against South Africa, held in Paris on May 21, 1981. It covers the purpose of sanctions, and an appeal by ANC.

Mandatory economic sanctions and the oil embargo against SA at International Conference

Conference paper on mandatory economic sanctions and the oil embargo against SA prepared by the African National Congress of South Africa for an international Conference held in Paris on September 12-13, 1980. Note the document is barely legible.

Sanctions could result in brutal SA backlash
"Positive" action to help Blacks
Fraser calls for sanctions aimed at Whites
Sanctions: Reagan makes the first move
SA may face Ethiopia-type situation
If not sanctions, what else?: a plan of action to give Blacks a chance
Tutu supports ANC but not its methods
Archbishop Desmond Tutu: his personal support for sanctions
Rural hunger and sanctions
Church bodies representing millions say no to sanctions
An alternative to sanctions: the path of peaceful change


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