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Letter from Cape Town Branch of the South African Communist Party to Moses Kotane

Letter from the Cape Town branch of the South African Communist Party to Moses Kotane, outlining the state of the organisation and report on activities in 1980. Includes points for discussion and suggestion for re-evaluation of their role.

Leninist fantasies and SACP illusions
Leading member of SACP joins Bantustans - and some other renegades
Koos and SACP pitch for media freedom
Joe Slovo - theoretician or anti-China hack
Joe Slovo
Jack Simons on How to organise underground work: coordination and accountability

Speech by Jack Simons given at a SACTU Internal Committee Workshop held 7-8 August, 1987.

Is the SACP travelling in the right direction?
Introductory essay: the South African Communist Party, 1950 - 1994

Introductory essay on the South African Communist Party from 1950 to 1994.

Introductory essay: The African Communist

A scholarly introductory essay on the periodical The African Communist

Interview with Joe Slovo by Keith Coleman

An interview with Joe Slovo by Keith Coleman on economic policies. July 1, 1990.

Interview with Cassius Lubisi, conducted by Ruth Lundie
Inside Quadro
Inkululeko - Freedom

Typescript copy of a South African Communist Party newsletter entitled Inkululeko - Freedom. Deals with the uprising and working class struggles.

Inkululeko - Freedom

Typescript of a publication of the SACP entitled Inkululeko - Freedom. Headings: Lessons of the recent strikes; The struggle by the students and the need that they be taught principles of Marxism-Leninism.

Immediate prospect for SACP

Article in Voice of Women , Number 3, 1983, on the immediate prospect for SACP. It discusses the Suppression of Communist Act of 1950, the Freedom Charter, Sharpeville 1966.

How the SACP slanders China
Heroes of our revolution: Albert T Nzula (1905-34)
Heroes of our revolution
Harry Haywood reminisces about Jimmy la Guma and Black Republic


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