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The population of South Africa
Report of the Protector of Indian Immigrants for the Year 1877

Report of the PROTECTOR OF INDIAN IMMIGRANTS 1877-1888. Report of the Protector of Immigrants for the year June 30, 1895. Report of the ...

Death Penalty and Executions, 1965-1973 - Execution Figure
Memorandum on Education

An enquiry into the measure of social advancement made by the Indian community in Natal should employ for its standard of judgement the enlightened principle s of social progress embodied in the "Uplift Clause" of the Cape Town Agreement (1927).

Africa's refugees and the OAU

A clear policy for Africa's 650,000 homeless must lead to long-range solutions.

Harsh budgets and harsher facts

Taxation and development in East Africa.

How many Africans?

Not only is Africa's population growth rate high in comparison even with India's but its steep climb is likely to continue when Latin America's, its nearest rival in the future, begins to fall away.

Work for progress

Uganda plans for economic growth and change.

Development strategy and implementation in Ghana and Nigeria

A crucial cause of the military-police coups in Ghana and Nigeria was the rejection of the political, economic structure and policy of their political elites.

Fort Hare record

The recent dismissal of Mr Curnick Ndamse from the staff of Fort Hare University College for "insubordination" spotlights once again the record of Fort Hare since its rape by the Verwoerd regime in 1960.

Africa wants an answer

Are the communists trying to have it both ways?.

The New African: Volume 2, Number 7, August 1963
Cautious Conservatives, coherent critics

Policies, parties and the press in Nigeria.

The May 5th-6th Worker Stayaway in Pietermaritzburg
Quotes from Kannemeyer
The Carnegie Conference - Poverty and Development in Southern Africa
The Background Against Which Sached Works
An Enduring Scandal
The Rich Get Richer - foreign investment in South Africa
Textile Workers Want a Living Wage


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