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Reports made to the police concerning the demonstrations and/or matters associated therewith: 16 th June 1976

A list of reported crimes that occured in and around Soweto on the 16th June 1976

Presidential report of the Transvaal tour

Report of a tour of Transvaal Black universities and colleges

Permanent Organisers Department SASO Leadership Training Programmes: Black Youth Groups and Schools

Programme and motivation for leadership training amongst Black youth Groups and schools

Motion: We, members of the University of Cape Town

The members of the University of Cape Town express concern at the direction in which South African society is heading and express solidarity with people suffering from the humiliation and oppression engendered by the social system.

Students Representative Council: Press release

This press release is a statement of rejection, by the Black youth of Azania, of the concept of Bantu homelands

Soweto Students Representative Council: Press Statement 4th November 1976

A press statement confirming the stand by all students and youth of Soweto and other areas of the country that sales of any kind of liquour, including from shebeens, remain banned

Neither I nor Young did plan the march: says student leader

This press statement, signed by the Chairman, relates to misunderstading regarding the organisers of a march during the visit of Andrew Young, the United States ambassador to the United Nations

Morris Isaacson is still what she was before

A short poem in remembrance of an exile

The days shall come

A "power to the people" poem

Bantu of Alexandra

The pamphlet calls for a 2 day stayaway and worker boycott of public transport by workers of Alexandra.

Interview with Tsietsi Mashinini

Transcript from a radio interview, in New York City, with Tsietsi Mashinini, on the aftermath and reporting of the Soweto riots, international relations and the role of the USA in the struggle for freedom in South Africa

Minutes of the 108th Ordinary Meeting of the Urban Bantu Council of Johannesburg held in the Urban Bantu Council Chamber, Jabulani, on Thursday 31 March 1977 at 2.30pm

Minutes of the meeting

List of grievances sent by African pupils to the Regional Director of Bantu Education in the Western Cape

A list of grievances sent to the Regional Director of Bantu Education, later published in the Cape Times on 2 December 1976

Soweto Students Representative Councils major priorities and other projects

Contains a list of resources required for the functioning of the Soweto Students Representative Council.

Letter from Headmaster of Rondebosch Boys' High School to all fathers of R.B.H.S. pupils

The letter discusses security measures for the school, and includes a request for assistance from fathers to patrol the school premises, particularly during the holiday period

Letter from Terrence Tryon of SASO to Secretary of the Soweto Students Representative Council 1977

A letter of invitation to the Soweto Student's Representative Council to attend the 9th General Students Council Meeting of the South African Students Organisation in July 1977

Letter from SSRC to Dear Sir

A letter from the SSRC to Mr Joe, pressurising him to resign

Letter from Shun Chetty and Company to Mrs. Modiagotla

A letter from the lawyer Shun Chetty to Mrs Modiagotla, regarding her son, Lazarus Tsankie Modiakgotla in detention. Also contains a reply letter from the Divisional Commander of the Security Branch, Johannesburg.

How June 16 demo was planned

This is an interview with Lebello Matapanyane, describing the events and political developments leading to the new upsurge, and explaining how the militant youth see the future shape of political struggle.

The 'new' policy of the USA towards South Africa: The Black Consciousness Movement's view

Speculation in change of US policy towards South Africa accompanied the appointment of Andrew Young as the United States ambassador to the United Nations. In this essay the Black Conciousness Movement list reservations about this development


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