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South African Labour Bulletin - vol.25. - 2001
The Awakening of "Informal Sector" Studies in Southern Africa.
The socio economic position of the Indian
Employment Equity Bill, 1997
Churches to campaign for loans for the poor

THE Diakonia Council of Churches intends to campaign vigorously on the issue of credit for......

Letters between Beyers Naude and Ilse and Phyllis Naidoo

Letters between Beyers Naude and Ilse and Phyllis Naidoo

Wages salaries packages press cuttings
Job summit press cuttings
Job loss - retrenchment press cuttings
UDW/The Mercury/Coastal group ltd international conference on current economic policy issues Durban
The union code of labour laws
Review of other professions - Agriculture
IFP National Manifesto

South Africa can and must be better. It is an extraordinary country endowed with extraordinary people and a wealth of resources. If South Africa is going to be the twenty-first century success story that we all know it can be, bold change is needed now.

Memorandum submitted to the Department of Education

Joint Committee representing Durban Inidan Municipal Employess Society.....

Governemt to take the first step

From ou political correspondence

State Social Security Plan Published

The Governments White paper on Social Security.....

Letter from Jill Nattrass to Peter Brown
Letter from Judy to Phyllis Naidoo

How can I ever say thanks enough for you and Sakthi for looking after me for the last month and a half.

Letter from Dorothy to Phyllis Naidoo

Many thanks for your letter and enclosures.


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