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'We are ready to go in' - FCWU
"Only worker unity will safeguard S A`s future"
Chris Dlamini renews call for unity
Call for one powerful union made at meeting
"Strive to build a strong working class movement"
Worker progress - union unity in the motor industry
Unions meet to discuss unity
FOSATU`s stance spelled out
May Day call for unity
FOSATU calls on workers worldwide to unite and fight against oppression
Unity talks on the move
Food workers issue call for unity

In building a workers' movement in South Africa, unity is essential, Chris Dlamini, the president of both FOSATU and Sweet Food and Allied Workers Union, told a crowded annual general meeting on February 9.

Call for United Stand

The FOSATU Executive has called for a united stand by workers against the Government's growing propaganda campaign for its so called plan for reform.

Workers take the lead!

Workers must be encouraged to take the lead in the struggle for economic and social liberation, says Transport and General Workers Union shop steward, Jethro Dlalisa.

Rising worker interest in unity
Colgate: worker unity wins historic battle

A number of recent disputes have highlighted the importance of organised workers supporting each other in their hour of need.

Congress gives a new lead


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