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The people will triumph!
Revolutionaries of unbreakable spirit
To make 1984 another landmark
A united federation: An important key
May Day - day of workers unity
Problem of the Organisational Unity in South Africa

Annotated letter from I.B. Tabata to Nelson Mandela regarding the question of organisation of the people.

One union, one industry, please
Forward to mass action
Unity's the key for public sector workers
Solidarity with Namibia
Unite by July
Cosatu says merge
Black communalism seen through labour perspectives

A paper presented at the Mafeking Seminar discussing Black communalism as a way of life. The South African labour system is complex and based on separate development. A case is made for trade union unity based on Black Consciousness principles.

Paper presented by Eric Molobi

Paper presented by Eric Molobi at the United Democratic Front's National Council conference which took place on the 17th - 18th December 1983 in Port Elizabeth.

Circular from Strini Moodley to Dear Black Brothers and Sisters

The circular is intended as a voice of solidarity with the students of the University of the Western Cape in taking a unified stand with other Black Universities against White intimidation

Black Peoples Convention

A flyer published in Zulu by the Black Peoples Convention urging unity and solidarity of its members. The flyer is accompanied by a handwritten draft in English and a translation from the Zulu version by the Control Interpreter, Magistrate's Office in Durban.

A call for Unity

A call for Unity by the Unity Movement of South Africa. Calls for all South African liberation movements to present a united front against oppression.

To all residents of Soweto, hostels, Reef and Pretoria, we say: remember you are all Blacks

The circular issued by the Soweto Students' Representative Council, in English, Zulu and a translation into Afrikaans, is an appeal to all residents of Soweto and surrounding areas to stop fighting amongst themselves and guard against the tactics of the government which cause division amongst Bl

Soweto Student Representative Council: Black people let us unite

Circular calling for unity amongst the Black people in their struggle for national liberation


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