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A study aimed at raising the levels of income of Indians in the lower income group-hand written
Value Added Tax
United Front to End Apartheid: The Road to Mass Action in SA
Black Resistance
Letter from Irene and Ron to Phyllis Naidoo

Isn't it amazing how very close you can feel - how you can absolutely love someone who you have never met?!! If only we could meet some day -- but I can't see it ever happening. It's just great, then, that we can continue to feel such complete understanding, anyway.

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Gwen and Frank

Well here in subtropical Durban, the papers raved that Spring had arrived yesterday. Produce some photos of  flowers daffodils, tulips etc to prove it.

The working class in national democratic struggle
Letter to the editor
Two lines within the Trade Unions: a brief review
Gorbachev and Thatcher against the Workers
Searchlight South Africa: a Marxist journal of South African Studies

Searchlight South Africa: a Marxist journal of South African Studies was founded by Baruch Hirson from 1988-1993, and to a large extent written by him in collaboration with other exiles and comrades from the revolutionary socialist movement.

Draft regional political programme

Draft regional political programme for Lusaka.

Inkululeko - Freedom

Typescript copy of a South African Communist Party newsletter entitled Inkululeko - Freedom. Deals with the uprising and working class struggles.

"Factory vrouens"
Debate: working class culture and popular struggle
YCW International Week - an evaluation
Review: Cast in a Racial Mould
Review: Black working class women in South African society
A. T. Qubula: working class poet


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