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"My beautiful house" - Amazwi abesifazane memory cloth project.

"My beautiful house"

Amazwi abesifazane memory cloth project.

13th Annual Provincial Conference of the Natal Indian Congress

Indian Backing for National Convention

19th October 1948


A destruction coming in: Bantu education as response to social crisis
A group of buildings close to a river, and mountains in the background


Unlabelled photograph


Ramseyer/ Kruger family papers (KCM 96/2) ;

File 28 ;

Page 10b



A History of the African People of South Africa: From the Early Iron Age to the 1970s
a peoples guide Budget 2005
A peoples guide..... Budget 2004
A Sufi Saints day in South Africa: The Legend of Badshah Pir

THIS article examines the role of pîrs (saints), mazârs (shrines) and 'urs (death anniversaries) in forging Islamic culture and identity in South Africa, whose minority Muslim population of approximately one million originates mainly in the Indian sub-continent a

A young man pulling a rickshaw carrying two passengers, possibly in Acutt Street, Durban, ca 1900


Label on back of photograph: Durban ca 1900 (? Acutt St) (Neg.Sh. 347, E.6)

Description: Late nineteenth-century.  A young man pulling a rickshaw, carrying two passengers, along a dirt road with trees in the background  


James Robert Webster papers (KCM 92/3) ;

An elderly woman, seated indoors, with a gramophone on a table nearby (1)


Caption for photograph: Her first Grammaphone

Description: Early twentieth-century.


Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2)

File 6 (KCM 91/2/6)

Sheet 30



An imperial high commissioner and the making of a war

On 11 January, one hundred years ago, the British forces under General Chelmsford invaded Zululand. Thus began the Anglo-Zulu war, a war which was to prove a major turning point …

ANC-KwaZulu/Natal: Let Us Develop Rural Communities
Anthony William Durnford

Anthony William Durnford. Ireland 1830-iSandlwana 1879. At the outbreak of war Durnford was placed in command of a Native contingent. He was killed at iSandlwana

Art School student: Cameron

Ndaleni Art School student: Cameron Nkonka

Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 519G
Azapo - HIST SA Organisations

DOC 1256-359

Socialist party of Azania
DOC 1256-358

The constitution of SANCO
DOC 1256-357

The constitution of Azapo
DOC 1976-29

Azapo election manifesto
DOC 1976-30




View of Berea, Durban

Beyond the nation? Colour and class in South African cricket

This chapter takes a critical look at cricket's journey since those heady days. It considers the twists and turns, the pitfalls and gains that have occurred along the way.


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