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"A Commander"

Sketch portrait of a Commander.

"A Colonnell"

Portrait of an ordained colonnell.

"A Colonel"

Watercolor portrait of a Colonel.

"A Clown"

Abstract scene of a Clown during a performance.

"A Choir Master"

Abstract scene of a Native Choir Master on stage.

"A Chase"

Abstract scene of soldiers giving a chase in their horses.

"A Bulldog"

Black and white sketch of a Bulldog.

"A Bride & her Mother"

Abstract scene of a mother walking her daughter down the aisle.

"A Boshesman"

"A Boshesman"

"A Boshesman with poisoned arrows"

"A Boshesman with poisoned arrows"

"A Booshwana Hut"

"A Booshwana hut"

"A Boer"

Charcoal sketch of a Boer man.

"A Boer"

Pencil sketch of a Boer man smoking a pipe.

"A Boat trip"

Abstract scene of a very excited child going on a boat trip with his mother.

"A Bishop"

Portrait of a Bishop.

"A Biroac"

Sketch scene of European man with their horses taking a rest in the bushes.

"A Ballerina"

Portrait of a dancing Ballerina.

"A Bachuana Girl"

"A Bachuana girl"

"5 of Tea"

Abstract scene of men and woman listening to a piano performance from a lady.

"3 Medicine Necklaces"

3 Bhaca medicine necklaces.


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