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Cover of woven ilala palm leaf for bee-tapping. Maputu
Uhlambi skirt of Mkwetha and head dress or isudu. (Xhosa male initiates dress. Transkei)
Basket from umsingizane grass knot-stitch. Msinga show
Letter to Vuka from Phyllis Naidoo

Phyllis writes a to-do list for Vuka and thank you letter

Sitting mat or isicephu

KCAV 1330 Sitting mat or isicephu. adlt made. Hlabisa15.6.1958.Grossert no.112

Sitting mat or isicephu

KCAV 1321 Sitting mat or isicephu. Adult made. Hlabisa 15.6.1959.Grossert no. 113.

Letters to Wendy and Alan from Phyllis Naidoo

Letters of Phyllis, Wendy and Alan.

Sitting mat or isicephu

KCAV 1322 Sitting mat or isicephu. by Constance Msimang. Ndicave School. Ekhombe Show. Grossert no 206.

Letters to Friends from Phyllis Naidoo

Letter to friends from Phyllis Naidoo. She write to thank her friends for help the family.

Letter from Paton to Macnab
Letter from Bell to Paton
Letter from Paton to Bell
Letter from Goodall to Paton
Letter from Paton to Pontefract
Letter from Pontefract to Paton
Cry, the Beloved Country by ? Paton
Letter from Low to Scribner
Telegram to Alan Paton
Letter from Paton to Scribner
Festive season letters - Phyllis Naidoo

Phyllis Naidoo writes to family and friends during the Festive season


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