Dongo (Mbira)

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Matoke adiya | East African

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Further details refer ILAM record number: CR2193.

Dance song with seven Dondo Likembe and clapping. Zeruboberi, Obothi with Dhola men. At Lukiko, Tororo, Mbale district, Uganda. The smaller Likende is called Manyiri. The bass Dongo is called Yachi. This set of Dongo Likembe is a copy of similar sets used further west by the Soga. These in turn they say are copied from others in the West Nile province. The music is popular amongst young people.

Many people they say, have gone to stay in Buganda,  because of Matoke (bananas) from which banana beer is made. 'Bananas have attracted our people.'

Zeruboberi Oboti with Dhola men

1950-00-00 Dhola | Dhola | Dongo (Mbira) | East African | Folk music | ILAM | Lukiko | Mbale district | Tororo | Uganda | Zeruboberi Obothi
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