Mwamboko dance song

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Dongo Mothi | East African

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A Mamboko dance song with accordian and struck iron. The "struck iron" was an old starter ring from the flywheel of a car. It is necessary to have a circular or 'S' shaped piece of metal for convenient playing of the double beat. The performer called it 'Kengere' or 'Beru' bell.
The sweepers in Nairobi, they say, always come from Embu. Kibunga Waita, the iron player, was no exception. Elsewhere in Africa certain tribes tend to adopt one occupation exclusively.
After hearing a few Kikuyu songs to the accompaniment of the iron and accordian, the listener who is not case hardened to the noise, may experience a singing in the ears for several hours afterwards.
Listening to this kind of Kikuyu music is more a feat of endurance than an aesthetic pleasure.Further details refer ILAM field card number: F3H 3

1952-06-08 Accordion | Dance song | East African | Embu | Folk music | ILAM | Indigenous music | Johnnie Murethe Wambu | Kenya | Kibunga Waita | Kikuyu | Mwamboko dance song | near Mount Kenya | Struck iron
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