Bileni district

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Ambia - "Mother-in-law" | Southern African

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Self delectative song with mbira dza WaNdau. The performer is one of the few Tonga people who have learnt to play the Ndau instrument, the mbira dza WaNdau, which has travelled southwards since the time of the Shangaan chief Ngungunyana for whom the Ndau fought as a subservient tribe during the latter half of the nineteenth century. Several of the fighting men stayed in the south and married Tsonga women and their children have used the paternal instrument, singing to it traditional songs.Further details refer ILAM field card no. H1R-8.

1955-10-11 Bileni district | Fabiao Dingani Mashawa | Hlanganu | ILAM | Mbira | Mozambique | Portuguese East Africa | Southern African | Sul do Save Province | Tonga
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