1. Inquiring Librarian
    • Thoughts on librarianship, technology, and how they affect each other in the 21st Century - written by Jenn Riley
  2. Lorcan Dempsey's Weblog
    • Lorcan Dempsey's weblog on libraries, services and networks
  3. Metadata matters
    • Dianne Hillman's blog - It's all about the services
  4. Aluka Blog
    • The Aluka blog on insights into the Aluka community
  5. Niall McNulty
    • Niall McNulty talks about managing digital and media projects
  6. Archival Platform Blog
    • The Archival Platform’s aim is to facilitate dialogue and information sharing between professionals, academics and government employees in the heritage and archive sector.
  7. Peter Keane's Miscellanea
    • Peter Keanes's thoughts on libraries, metadata, standards and other pieces of the distributed universe
  8. CAN Collections Australia Network
    • Australian cultural heritage collections online - outreach blog
  9. Metadata Blog
    • The official blog of the Metadata Interest Group (MIG), a discussion group of the Association for Library Collections & Technical Services division of the American Library Association.
  10. Hacked Librarian
    • Blog by a librarian at Rutgers University School of Law – Camden, US.