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65th Annual Report 1972-1973
6th Eastern Zone Scout Woodbadge Course

Woodbadge Course

6th Eastern Zone Scout Woodbadge Course (27/12/1977 - 04/01/1959)


7 Directors of SA Business Schools (Pretoria, Potch, Wits, UDW, Stellenbosch, UNISA, CT)

University of Durban-Westville

73' Natal Industrial and Commercial review in the Daily news : Supplement
A 'Public Health Nuisance': The Victoria Street Early Morning Squatters Market, 1910-1934

The focus of this paper is the "Indian Market", a famous tourist landmark in Durban.

A 'public health nuisance': the Victoria Street early morning squatters market, 1910–1934

The focus of this article is the 'Indian Market', a famous tourist landmark in Durban.

A Better Life for All. Working together for jobs, peace and freedom.
A Book and Its Misnomer

A Book and Its Misnomer

A brief biography of my maternal grandfather Mr Rangasamy Pillay who was a professional sienne netter for approximately sixty years

Indians have been. engaged in the fishing industry of Durban from about 1865 - 1870. The base of their operations was originally from Salisbury Island , situated in Durban Bay, but the. date of their initial settlement on the Island is uncertain.

A Brief history of the Glendale Sugar Mill

This project outlines the progress of the mill from 1880 to the present day. It also discusses the history of transport at Glendale, ite farmers, workers an4 future as a sugar industry.

A Brief History of the Natal Indian Congress

History of the N.I.C.

A brief review of Indian Education in Natal 1962

Indian education in Natal upon the arrival of the immigrants was initiated by at least: two Church missions in the country, the Church of S.A. and the Wesleyan .

A Buddhist sculpture

Buddhist art is the artistic practices that are influenced by Buddhism

A Century of Indian Achievement in S.A.

Newspaper articles on "A Century of Indian Achievement in S.A".

A contextualization and examination of the impi yamakhanda (1906 uprising) as reported by J. L. Dube in Ilanga Lase Natal, with special focus on Dube’s attitude to Dinuzulu as indicated in his reportage on the treason trial of Dinuzulu

The thesis explores not only the history but also the competing histories of 1906. It is however no claim to represent the entire history - undoubtedly a period of great complexity, and a time of tragedy for the African people that culminated in their

A Dangerous Admiration: E.A. Ritter's Shaka Zulu
A Decision Clash: A short history of Black protest politics in South Africa, 1875-1976
A Decisive Clash?: A Short History of Black Protest Politics in South Africa, 1875-1976

The campaigns against the Bantu Education Ad and the Western Areas Removal Scheme were generally overshadowed by a far more significant event,


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