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Critical Health Number 41 December 1992

Publisher Editorial collective

Date 1992-12-00
Resource type Journal issues
Keywords HEALTH

Violence resource list
Extent 85 page(s)
Articles Editorial
Violence in South Africa: on the increase in the 1990s
A lost generation: Review of "Black youth in crisis, facing the future"
A lost generation: Review of "Faces in the revolution"
The impact of political violence on health and health services in Cape Town, 1986
Violence and paralysis in medical personnel
Amnesty means never having to say you're sorry
Violence: introduction to personal accounts of a victim and a perpetrator
An anti-apartheid activist speaks on violence
Healing the wounds of war: an ex-Koevoet medic speaks out
Post-traumatic stress disorder: a response to abnormal circumstances
Violence and mental health: post-traumatic stress and depression
The role of emergency service groups
The Red Cross and emergency services work
Violence in the family: issues in the counselling of battered women
The Imbali Rehabilitation programme
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