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Work in Progress Number 70 November 1990


Publisher Editorial collective

Date 1990-11-00
Resource type Journal issues
Language English
Keywords WORKERS


Extent 63 page(s)
Articles Editorial
The new TUCSA: hell for leather
The Uncle Tom freedom fighters
One post office, one union
Bantustan union trade-offs
Co-operative Planning and Education (Cope)
The search for political direction
Read, young lion, read
What kind of ANC does the SACP want?
Indicator: South Africa
Looking for the Women's League? Leave a message...
Democracy for beginners: a guide to consultative conferences
Hostel war: organise - or die
Hostel war: searching for an alternative to hell
Post-apartheid health policies
From crisis to catastrophe in the classroom
The union has arrived...the education arena will never be the same again!
ANC media policy: waiting for movement
Strategising for capital in the countryside
Enter the black middle class farmer
Winding down the Angolan War
Book reviews: coming to terms with the past
Book reviews: this isn't going to be an easy review
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