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A better life for all

ANC pamphlet issued by the Department of Information and Publicity for the 1994 elections.

A Better Life for All. Working together for jobs, peace and freedom.
A born leader
A brief account of what happened during the criminal South Africa invasion against Lesotho

Statement by the African National Congress on the Matola Raid in Lesotho, a South African Government attack where over 40 people were murdered.

A brief general statement on the political situation in South Africa

Statement by the ANC National Executive Committee on the current political situation in South Africa, as examined by the meeting of the ANC National Executive Committee in Zambia, August 27-31 in 1971. Calls for unity and united action for the seizure of power.

A brief outline of matters discussed by the National Executive Sub-committee for June 26 with the African Liberation Committee

Report on a meeting between the ANC National Executive Committee and the African Liberation Committee held in Dar Es Salaam regarding the organisation of a campaign to commemorate June 26th.

A can of worms in Lusaka: the imprisonment of Hubert Sipho Mbeje
A comment on the F W de Klerk address to Parliament on 2 February 1990

Penuell Maduna's comments on F W de Klerk's address to Parliament when he announced the unbanning of the African National Congress and the South African Communist Party, amongst other organisations.

A contribution from the Lusaka Regional Committee to the discussion initiated by Comrade Motshabi's memorandum

The ANC Lusaka Regional Committee commenting on a memorandum by John Pule Motshabi entitled 'Comments and observations on the issues to be raised at the forthcoming consultative conference', dated December 1984 and dealing with tribalism and open membership.

A Discussion Document on Structures and Principles of a Constitution for a Democratic South Africa
A great step forward
A homecoming in Paris
A J Lutuli: a great African passes
A Literature of wolves
A nation at work for a better life
A Nation at Work for a Better Life 2000: the Dawn of the African Century
A nationwide demand: UDF says "unban ANC"
A profile - he lived a full life
A reply to J G Matthews' article: Africans and Non-European Unity

I B Tabata's reply to an article by J G Matthews, of the African National Congress Youth League, on Africans and Non-European Unity. Published in Inkundla Ya Bantu, 22 October 1949.

A report on the National Executive Committee session held on the 15-24th July 1977

A report on the National Executive Committee session held on the 15-24th July 1977 signed by Alfred Nzo. Discussed economic crisis, underground activities, the enemy counter-offensive and the international situation.


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