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South African History: chronology - 1990
South African History: chronology - 1980
South African History: chronology - 1970
South African History: chronology - 1960
South African History: chronology - 1950
South Africa Chronology Apartheid terminal years - 1983-1994
Chronology of Important Events in South Africa

25,000 B.C., Earliest rock art paintings in southern Africa. ... 1877, Britain annexes South African Republic, renamed Transvaal. Xhosa-Mfengu warfare.

Umsebenzi Vol 6 No 2

De Klerk, Communist Party, apartheid, human rights, Apartheid, political rights, segregation, population registration, segregated beaches, democratic government, policy, economy, housing, water, electricity, transport, health care, ANC, ANC Youth League

India Digest - High Commission of India
India and the Struggle Apartheid by E.S Reddy - 7th ed.
India and South Africa: A collection of Papers of E S Reddy
Apartheid, 1948-1961
Racism in South Africa
Newspaper articles on Racism and Apartheid 1988-1994
Apartheid, 1948-1961

Apartheid established, 1948-1960

New factories, new workers*

Apartheid, 1948-1961


Apartheid established 1948-1960
Newspaper articles on Racism Mixed marriages in South Africa
Nespaper articles on Racism and Apartheid 1985-1987
The History of Apartheid in South Africa
Race Classification


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