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Social Review
Food Authority and Politics - Student Rights in South Africa: 1945-1976
Letter from Ms L Rash to Peter Brown
Letter from Lord Senti Dikgoreng Thobejane to Phyllis Naidoo

My name is Lord Senti Dikgoreng Thobejane. I was born on the 2nd June , 1961 i n Alexandra Township, 13 miles from Johannesburg.

Letter from Joan to Phyllis Naidoo

We received your letters and also the cheque for Rajen's Blazer. I shall be spending the money on Saturday morning.

Letter from Ray to Phyllis and Sukhthi Naidoo

Thank you so much for the great birthday present, the booklets and pamphlet got here just fine and I treasure them very much. You do have a knack for sensing needs and fulfilling them. Also of course the very idea that you remembered my birthday delighted me!

Action against apartheid in sport

The UN Brasilia report stated that all states should refrain from sports relationships with South Africa.

For the record

The General Assembly, in its resolution 2060 (XX) requested the Secretary-General to organize an international seminar on apartheid in 1966 under the programme of advisory services in the field of human rights.

Reassessing the boycott

Editorial about reassessing the boycott.

Reassessing the boycott

Reassessing the boycott

Cherubim, and a flaming sword

Fictional story.

Consumer boycotts: an evaluation
Editorial: Curtis Nkondo and the School Boycott
Interview with Soweto high school students

Interview with Soweto high school students. Soweto has 52 high schools since the reopening of school after winter cavation. The outcome of the interview covers the registration, boycotts future plans and the exams.

Communities and transport
Boycott bites
Bus boycotts
The tactics of academic boycott
Statement released after discussions between the deputy minister of Planning

Statement released after discussions between the deputy minister of Planning Mr Andre Fourie and a United Democratic Front's delegation led by Mr P Molefi regarding buycott of rent and service charges.

National Executive Committee statement for United Democratic Front news

Statement from the National Executive Committee appreciating the achievements by the United Democratic Front since the launch, and thanking people for their response in boycotting the elections. First draft also included.


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