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Letters from friends to Phyllis Naidoo.

Letters from friends to Phyllis Naidoo.

Letter to Francis

REALITY  published an article of Mark Swilling. Which he never gave consent  to be published.  It was a draft copy . There will be an apology in the next issue.

Letter to Mr Mike Roussos from P.M. Brown

Before he left for America, Francis Antonie told me that you had very kindly agreed to review the book.....



Mayibuye - March 1992

Journal of the African National Congress

Mayibuye - June 1992
Mayibuye - December 1991 Vol 2 No 11
Mayibuye September 1991
Mayibuye July 1991
Mayibuye: Feb 1991
Mayibuye September 1993
Mayibuye June 1993
Mayibuye February 1994
Mayibuye -Dec 1992
Letter to Peter Brown
Free the Children Alliance
Letter from Peter Brown to Mike Roussos
Letter from Jonathan Burchell to Peter Brown
Memories of detention - 1960
Letter from Peter Brown to the Editor of The Natal Witness


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