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National Party year of action
The Peoples of South Africa - Reprint from Official Yearbook of the Republic of South Africa

The striking diversity of the South African population is the result not only of comparatively recent migrations but of a long process of which but a small part is known to historians. Of the whole process, perhaps the last three or four centuries have been adequately documented.

Letter from Peter Brown to the Editor of The Witness, Daily News and Mercury
Namibia - political-legal issues
Lone Lillian faces charges
Administration Board ignores influx case
The Legal Disabilities of Zulu Women
Summary of activities taken against the Christian Institute and Spro-Cas between August 1973 and January 1974

Chronology of the Commission of Enquiry into Certain Organizations, which became a parliamentary Commission of Enquiry known as the Schlebusch Commission. Includes the background to the charges laid by the State against Ravan Press in November 1978

Letter from Jack Simons to Oliver Tambo

Letter from Jack Simons to Oliver Tambo presenting comments on Ronald Dworkin's suggestion that the African National Congress should hold a conference on the idea of legality or rule of law in South Africa.

Cape Western Region Fact Paper: Langa Courts- Paper presented at National Conference 1981

Cape Western Region Fact Paper: Langa Courts- paper presented at National Conference on 15 March 1981 discussing influx control, pass laws, imprisonment, women with children in prison, prison conditions, legal work, court trial statistics.

The Dean and the Sash
The Lessons of libel
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