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Successful workers' seminar held
Suggested Solutions for the Durban situation - 1943
Summary notes of a meeting between a South African and a United States delegation: Geneva, 20 April 1986

Report from a meeting between a South African and a United States delegation in which the South African government's position on influx control was discussed, reluctance to negotiate with the ANC and the creation of a National Statutory Council


For the past hundred years there has been in force in South Africa legislation deferentially affecting the various racial groups now comprised within the Union of South Africa.

Summit unites against labour act
SWA/Namibia: situation report as at Sunday, 16 April 1989

Report from C von Hirschberg and J D Viall regarding the situation in Namibia from a military and political persepctive as well as the importance of favourable media publicity

Swami Bhawani Dayal Sannyasi's Statement

Swami Bhawani Dayal Sannyasi's Statement

Taxes, subsidies and fiscal crisis
Terrorism Act 1967, Act No 83 of 1967

The Act was to prohibit terroristic activities and to amend the law relating to criminal procedure; and to provide for other incidental matters

That Bill Again
The "Legalisation" of Abortion in South Africa
The "Vorster Bill"
The 1913 Land Act: legalising conquest
The 1991 Labour Relations Amendment Act
The abortion debate in South Africa
The aims and scope of the study
The Bantu Labour Relations Regulation Act
The Black Sash
The Black Sash
The Black Sash/Die Swart Serp


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