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The political map of Southern Africa is being radically redrawn. The most vivid examples of this are the preindependence elections in.....

Black Empowerment (Political Dispensation)
Hands of Moe Shaik. Hands of UDW
Articles about Indians future in South Africa 1976-1977
Indians in Liberation struggle in South Africa
Gokool newspaper collection - 1981
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Newspaper articles on SA Provincial government
Tri Cameral Parliamentary elections 1994 cuttings
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New Constitution early days 1979

Newspaper, Miscellaneous, 1979.

Various press cuttings during 1980
Vision. The Paper for Change - Vol 8 No.11/12


Political Activist

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Gopalall Hurbans

Gopallal Hurbans was a sugar cane farmer and vice-president of the Natal Indian Congress. He was also the chairman of the Natal Vigilance Committee which protested against the Group Areas Act.

Gandhi in Pretoria

In 1894 Gandhi helped found the Natal Indian Congress, to unify local Indians into a political force, and became the first secretary.  In September of the same year, Gandhi became the first Indian to be enrolled as an Advocate of the Supreme Court of Natal. 

Anth and Nic, sons of Jonathan Paton

Black and white print 9 x 9cm

Jonathan Paton with children Anth and Nic

Black and white print 9 x 9cm

Dr. Yusuf Dadoo - President : Transvaal Indian Congress (Framed)


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