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Correspondence and debate.

The Death of Albert Nzula and the silence of George Padmore
Review article: Sobukwe and the PAC
The PAC conference: 1959
Chris Hani: murder most horrible
With the PAC in exile
Zephania Mothopeng
Report on meeting of members of Executive held in Dar es Salaam, 28th February 1968

Report of a meeting of the ANC Executive held in Dar es Salaam, mainly to discuss the Pan Africanist Congress plans to commemorate Sharpeville day.

Notes on political relations in Robben Island

Handwritten notes sent from Robben Island on Pan-Africanist Congress and African National Congress relations. Covers the PAC hostility towards the ANC and subsequent improved relations with the ANC.

New Age Vol.5 No.10 Dec. 1958
Indian Opinion Vol.57 No.17 May 1959
Indian Opinion Vol.57 No.23 Jun 1959
Indian Opinion Vol.57 No.16 Apr 1959
Has PAC revival run out of steam
Letter from Potlako K Leballo to Oliver Tambo

Letter from Potlako K Leballo, Acting President and National Secretary of the Pan Africanist Congress to Oliver Tambo, Acting President of the African National Congress, regarding a call for exploratory talks with the ANC to examine the formation of a united front.

Letter from D. Nokwe to the Organisation of African Unity

Letter from D. Nokwe of the African National Congress to the Organisation of African Unity regarding recognition and support of the Pan Africanist Congress.

What does the west want for SA?: revolution or peaceful change?
Towards a climax
The Africanists cut loose
The Same boat


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