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NP KeyFacts - April 1998

Language usage in Parliament

A Time To Build! Statement Of The President Of The ANC, NR Mandela
Partners in Terror
Race relations
Documents of the African National Congress, Natal Indian Congress, Transvaal Indian Congress and the Non-European movement and the Indian
Election 94. A supplement to the Daily News
10 years of Parliament
Local Government 1980 to 1985
National Party - 1990
Meaningful Adaptation: The New Constitutional Dispensation
Revolutionaries may Stamp their Feet....
Various press cuttings during 1980
Newsletter for parliament staff and members
Our Parliament pocket guide
State of the Nation Address of the President of South Africa, Thabo Mbeki: Joint Sitting of Parliamen

Madame Speaker of the National Assembly Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces

APDUSA Views - No 85 September 2007

1. The Killers and Rapists (not the Kaffirs, Mr President) are Coming.
2. An Atrocity Cover-up
3. African Time and Indian Time
4. Lost Control

Addendum to This is South Africa

South Africa's new constitution, implemented in September 1984, represents a break with the all-White Westminster system......

Lessons from the Field: A Decade of Democracy

Lessons from the Field: A Decade of Democracy was a project of the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA). supported by Ihe Ford Foundation.

The Causes of Transition in South Africa

South Africa and transition from authoritarian rule



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