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Local Government 1980 to 1985
Tri Cameral Parliamentary elections 1994 cuttings
Tri Cameral Parliament cuttings
Constitution proposed 1983
ANC press cuttings

Various articles on the African National Congress

Federal Independent Democratic Alliance press cuttings
Other political parties press Cuttings
Indaba news - Issue 16 - August/September 1988
AZASO Emergency day 9

As 100 000 people gathered for the funeral of UDF's Mathew Goniwe.....

IFP Press Cuttings
Voice of the Youth - Soweto 76
ANC IFP call to rehabilitate

Tension, intolerance, hostilities and hatred characterise political and human relations between
the ANC and the IPF, particularly in KwaZulu-Natal but also in the rest of the country.

Cultural Entrepeneurship and the Culturalisation of Politics Among Indians in South Africa
The Black Sash
Apartheid & Racism
Apartheid & GAA, 1982-1985
The African Renaissance: Opportunities and Implications for the US and the World.
Politics South Africa - 1994 to 1998
New Constitution early days 1979

Newspaper, Miscellaneous, 1979.

The politics of poverty

In the 1998 parliamentary debate on reconci I iation and nation-bui I ding, then deputy president Thabo Mbeki famously argued that South Africa comprised two 'nations' divided by poverty:


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