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Press Statement from the Sash Conference
New year message of the United Democratic Front: December 1987

Press release from the United Democratic Front with a new year message in which the United Democratic Front salutes courage bravery and determination of the victims of apartheid and those still struggling for a democratic, non-racial and unitary South Africa.

Message to all comrades and compatriots in detention, prison and facing trials

Press release by the United Democratic Front at its National Working Committee Conference with a message to all comrades and compatriots.

United Democratic Front reaffirms non-violent position

Press release from the United Democratic Front reiterating its commitment to non-violent democratic opposition to apartheid.

National press statement

National press statement by Murphy Morobe of the United Democratic Front where they condemn the latest incursion by the SADF into Botswana.

Detention of United Democratic Front's activists

The UDF totally condemns the detention of more than thirty (30) campaigners against apartheid in Natal, the Eastern Cape, the Transvaal and Oudtshoorn. We demand the immediate release of all these activists and the cessation of these acts of terror.

Press statement: Margaret Thatcher policy on South Africa

Press statement regarding the Margaret Thatcher policy on South Africa.

African National Congress (South Africa) condemns the assassination of Comrade Joe Gqabi

Press statement by the ANC National Executive Committee condemning the assassination of Comrade Joe Gqabi.

Paris sanctions conference hears African National Congress of South Africa

ANC press release regarding a statement by Oliver R Tambo, ANC President, to the International Conference on sanctions against South Africa. States that sanctions should not be seen as a way of reforming apartheid, but rather as a weapon against the apartheid government.

The American Committee on Africa

Anti-apartheid organisation says South African president's FW de Klerk statement falls short calls for tougher sanctions.

Press statement of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress

Press statement of the National Executive Committee of the African National Congress reporting on a meeting held in Lusaka, Zambia, in March 1990, regarding the situation since the release of Nelson Mandela. Calls for other political prisoners to be released.

Press release to the Rand Daily Mail

The Black People's Convention press release, signed by Nkwenkwe Nkomo, National Organiser, states that the convention has been mandated by Black people to utilise all available resources to achieve liberation for Black people in Azania.

Black People's Convention: press release 13 January 1972

This press release contains details of resolutions reached at the national conference of the Black People's Convention held between 17-19 December 1971

Statement made by Senator O P F Horwood in Senate on June 4, 1971

Statement made by Senator Owen Horwood in Senate, 4 June 1971, suggesting that university authorities should act strongly to stop the activities of the National Union of South African Students and that, if this didn't happen, university subsidies should be cut.

NUSAS Press Release: Behind the scenes activity in the last three months...

Press release issued by the NUSAS Chairperson, Neville Curtis, listing achievements and detailing future plans ahead of the 46th Annual Congress in June/July 1970

On the Department of Religious Affairs recent consultation
Statement by Church Leaders on the October Municipal elections, June 29 1998
Press statement on the Industrial Conciliation Act following a joint meeting between the Federation of S.A. Trade Unions, The Western Province General Workers Union, The Food and Canning Workers Union and The African Food and Canning Workers Union.
Press statement issued by the National Union of Namibian Workers [and] the Congress of South African Trade Unions, 6 April 1989
Mawu and the industrial council


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