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"... but this is a people robbed and plundered ..."
"Act in unity and unite in action"
"Positive" action to help Blacks
"The tide is turning" - Dr Buthelezi
1982: Year of international mobilisation for sanctions against South Africa

Address by the African National Congress to the United Nations General Assembly regarding sanctions against South Africa.

500 000 jobs lost: the real cost of sanctions
A Tory looks at Federation
Affirmative action into the '90s : discussion paper

This Discussion Paper is a very important part of the process of review.

Africa and the British electorate
Africa expects...


Africa wants an answer

Are the communists trying to have it both ways?.

African National Congress statement: International Conference of Trade Unions on sanctions and other actions against the apartheid regime in South Africa

African National Congress statement on the International Conference of Trade Unions on Sanctions and other actions against the apartheid regime in South Africa.

An alternative to sanctions: the path of peaceful change
Archbishop Desmond Tutu: his personal support for sanctions
Articles from Journal of Commerce
Blacks are the losers as US companies pull out
Botha and the bosses will suffer, not us
Botha's new "weapon"

President P W Botha has discovered a new weapon in his attempts to combat the increasing international pressure for economic sanctions against South Africa.

Britain and the crisis in Rhodesia: military intervention the essential factor

Sanctions cannot set Rhodesia on the road to democratic rule.

British unions back economic sanctions


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