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Meeting of the University of the Western Cape delegation and the African National Congress

Record of a meeting between the University of the Western Cape delegation and the African National Congress in Lusaka, Zambia, to discuss the South African education crisis.

New Age Vol.5 No.29 May. 1959
New Age Vol.5 No.26 Apr. 1959
New Age Vol.4 No.557 Nov. 1957
New Age Vol.3 No.22 Mar. 1957
New Age Vol.3 No.26 Apr. 1957
New Age Vol.2 No.4756 Sep. 1956
New Age Vol.1 No.32 Jun. 1955
Minutes: University of the North Student's Representative Council extra ordinary meeting of the Executive Council

Minutes of the extra ordinary meeting of the SRC of the University of the North, held on 19 September 1974

List of proposed placements

List of proposed placements for African National Congress (ANC) students.

Commissions presented at 5th General Students' Council of the South African Student's Organization, St Peters Seminary, Hammanskraal, 14-18 January, 1974

The memorandum contains commissions to assess, among others, the theory of the struggle pertaining to the Black culture, the feasibility of research into education suitable for the struggle of students in Universities, and possible student benefits programmes.

Black Universities in South Africa

The historical background to the development of Black Universities is outlined.

South African Students' Organisation: Portfolio of education

This SASO document examines the role of separate development in controlling education for Black people. Included are statistics showing enrollment figures at South African Universities, government financing, graduates and staff composition and bursaries available for students.

Bantu education goes to university
Letter from Clive Nettleton to various organisations

Letter from Clive Nettleton, Vice President of National Union of South African Students (NUSAS), to various organisations about a report back on further development at the University College of the North, Turfloop, after a visit to establish contact with the Rector and students.

South African Students Organisations

This is a letter from Barney Pityana about the historical background of the South African Students Organisation, structure, aims, the press, protests, and independence for the black universities.

Letter from Steve Biko to the executive

This is the letter from Steve Biko to the executive about the trips to some black campuses namely: Federal Theological Seminary and Fort Hare.

Letter from Colin Collins to Steve Biko

Letter from Colin Collins to Steve Biko about the conference payments.

Progressive theological education

Journal article containing a reconstructed address by Frank Chikane, a Minister of the African Methodist Episcopal Chruch, to the Koinonia Conference of Theological Education at the University of the Western Cape in September 1984.

The South African Reality

Journal article containing a speech presented by Desmond Tutu, General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, to students at the University of Natal.


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