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Marian Hill Gardens

Marian Hill Gardens.


Unmarried Zulu men.


Young Zulu girls.


Young Hlubi girls dancing.

Hlubi Youth

Young Hlubi man with his fighting weapons.

Hlubi Youth

Young Hlubi man carrying a spear.

Hlubi Youth

Young Hlubi man.


Young Zulu boy courting a girl behind a tree.


Young Zulu warriors, probably new on the army.


Two eldery Zulu Chiefs.

Zulu Youth:Hairstyles

Zulu young man wearing lots of beadwork, studs and a very distinct hairstyle.

Zulu Man

A Zulu man probably a menber of Amabutho carrying his fighting sticks.

Zulu Couple

Young and married couple form the Umhlathuze in KwaZulu-Natal.


Young engaged couple from Ixopho. 


Zulu male healer and herbalist.


Young Zulu umaried man. 

Zulu Youth

Zulu youth in different ages:junior, young and senior. 


Young Zulu man with his fight weapons.


Zulu blacksmith working on a spear.

'Christian Bhaca Woman'

A Bhaca woman who had just  converted to Christianity, dressed in Europian clothes while carrying a parcle on her head.


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