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A Colonel's Diary

Small diary that belonged to a Colonel from Durban.

Belt of Ammunition.

A waist belt of ammunition. 

Vase: Glass bottle

Small black bottle vase.


'Ukhezo', large wooden carved sift.


'Indishi' small clay dish.


'Imbenge' small grass woven open basket.


'Imbenge'. medium sized open basket.


'Imbenge', small lid/ plate made out of telephone wires.


'Isipuni', small wooden carved spoon with an incisioned long handle.


'Indishi', small wooden carved bowl.


'Indishi', small wooden carved dish.


'Ithunga'. wooden carved milk pail with handles and incisions callled 'amasumpa'.


'Igula', small open goard on a beaded pouch and beaded string.


'Ukhezo', long grass woven and beaded whisk for stiring beer.

'Water Clay Container'

Large black, clay water or milk container.

Letter to Dr A B Xuma

'Imbenge', small grass woven lid trimmed with beads and a star shape.

Letter from Jean Farrant to Peter Brown
Letter from F Wotherspoon to Peter Brown


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