Thumbnail Title Description
" Isigqiki"

Small wooden carved headrest on two solid legs that are sitting on a straight smoothly carved wood. There are incisions on the legs.

"Indondo iqondisa amahhashi emqgeni"

Mixed media scene of a man with horses pulling a cart.

" Ithunga"

Wooden carved milking pail with protruding incisions on the sides to maintain balance. It is known as Ithunga in IsiZulu from Ndwedwe area in KwaZulu- Natal.

"A deep cutting"

Abstract scene of men watching boats at the port.

"The Desert"

Abstract scene of a Camel and his master at the desert.

"Our Outposh"

Abstract scene of soldieres on gouard. 

"On the road to Bamlela"

Abstract scene of people going in and out of Bamlela.


Abstract scene of the sketch of Mediterranean.

England and Egypt

Abstract  sketch map of Englad and Egypt.

"Alexandria and Egypt"

Abstract sketch map between England and Egypt

"Sketch Plan of the Alexandria"

Sketch plan of the Action in Alexandria.

"The Defences of Alexandria"

Sketch map of the defences of Alexandria.

"Eastward Ho!"

Abstract scene of sailors chasing a ship in their little boat.

Muckleneuk Entrance Hall.

Muckleneuk Entrance Hall.

Campbell Family photographs-groups

Brian Campbell. Elder son of Urban Campbell, a grandson of W.A Campbell.

Campbell Family photographs-groups

Othol Campbell, Younger son of urban Campbell of grandson of W.A Campbell.

Campbell Family photographs-groups

Campbell Family.

Campbell Family photographs-groups

Ethel Campbell.

Campbell Family photographs-groups

Campbell family.

"Our Bivouac on the Umfolozi"

Abtsract scene of soldiers making tents to camp at the back of Umfolozi.


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