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Indian Opinion Vol.53 No.26 Jul 1954
Indian Opinion Vol.52 No.4 Jan 1954
What rights have workers under these laws: disciplinary labour laws in Angola
From Cape Town parliament

Some pages of this article may be illegible due to the quality of the original.

The making of the working class
Workers beware
Unions take a joint stand
FOSATU Central Committee on the amended Industrial Conciliation Act
Focus on Health Act
FOSATU sets conditions for registration
Millions of workers turned into foreigners by new Act
Release trade unionists
FOSATU denied overseas assistance
Renault steward released after four-month detention
Registration - the big test

FOSATU has made its position quite clear. We believe that the law should not divide workers by race. Workers must be allowed to join the unions of their choice.

The Industrial Conciliation Act 1981 recipe for chaos
New worker regulations

After months of enquiry the Government has amended and supposedly relaxed the pass laws.

Fighting Talk Volume 11 Number 9 September 1953

Fighting Talk

Historical perspectives and the effects of uprootal

This is an essay highlighting a few historical perspectives, brief historical review of migration of the period just before the Lifaqale, the review of the effects of the 1913 Native Land Act and subsequent related legislation is discussed and the effects of removals and resettlement.

South African hospitality fails refugees


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