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Constitution: South African Students' Organisation

Amended version of "Draft Constitution" of the South African Student's Organisation

Political perspective: Presented at the National Consultative Conference held on 10 May 1991

Paper on political perspectives presented at the National Consultative Conference held on 10 May 1991.

List of organisations which support and are affiliates of the Regional UDF

List of all the organisations which supports the United Democratic Front who are also the affiliates of the regional United Democratic Front from different provinces including Natal, Transvaal and Western Cape.


Paper presented at the NUSAS National Seminar, outlining the role of NUSAS in the struggle for liberation

Students and action in society

Papers presented at the 9th NUSAS National Seminar held at Howick, April 24-28 in 1971.

Circular from Valli Moosa to All Regions and Sectors

Circular from Valli Moosa to All Regions and Sectors with the agenda for the NEC meeting.

The banning of eighteen Black Consciousness organisations

A circular condemning the government's banning of Black Conciousness organisations in the aftermath of the Soweto riots

Circular letter from A.K. Essack to members of the Unity Movement

Circular letter to the members of the Unity Movement explaining the current organisational position.

Suggested Agenda for SASO-NUSAS Executive Meeting.

Agenda for a meeting

Circular from Barney Pityana to SRC Presidents and other organisations

The circular outlines the historical background of the formation of the South African Students Organisation (SASO) as well as the aims and structure of the organisation.

AIDS Resource list
International publications and organisations
The South African health and social services organisation: a united health organisation is born
Resource list: national bodies involved in education and welfare
Acknowledgements of organisations and persons
On discipline

Booklet on discpline. According to UDF the concept of discipline arises from political conciousness.

On democracy


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