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Sanctions now

Extract from a paper presented to the International YMCA Conference in Zimbabwe 1986


Pamphlet about the comparison between responses made to calls for sanctions against Argentina and South Africa. Note that large sections of the text are barely legible

Commission for Justice and Reconciliation: economic measures against apartheid and the challenge to the church

Pamphlet of the Commission for Justice and Reconciliation regarding economic measures such as sanctions, trade embargoes and disinvestment against apartheid and the challenge to the church

New Age Vol.9 No.562 Nov. 1962
New Age Vol.8 No.8 Dec. 1961
New Age Vol.8 No.6 Nov. 1961
New Age Vol.7 No.5 Nov. 1960
New Age Vol.5 No.29 May. 1959
New Age Vol.3 No.3357 Jun. 1957
Korttermynstrategie vir Zimbabwe-Rhodesië

Appendix D: Memorandum about the South African government's short term national strategy for Zimbabwe, including task lists

The road to slavery
Letter from Moses Mabhida, General Secretary, SACP, to the Central Committee, Communist Party of the United States of America

Letter from Moses Mabhida to the Communist Party of the United States of America rejecting the announcement that sanctions against South Africa are to be eased

Disinvestment debate
Indian Opinion Vol.59 No.10 Mar 1961
Indian Opinion Vol.59 No.24 Jun 1961
Indian Opinion Vol.54 No.48 Dec 1956
Keeper of the keys

This is an interview with Desmond Tutu held in October 1989 about leadership and vision of peace.

British unions back economic sanctions
Botha's new "weapon"

President P W Botha has discovered a new weapon in his attempts to combat the increasing international pressure for economic sanctions against South Africa.

Fighting Talk Volume 17 Number 2 February 1963

Fighting Talk - a monthly journals for democrats in Southern Africa


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