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The agrarian problem

An address delivered by I B Tabata to the Society of Young Africa (SOYA); an organisation affiliated to the Unity Movement and consists mainly of young urban workers and intellectuals.


Draft editorial by I B Tabata, possibly for publication in Ikhwezi Lomso, on the current political situation in South Africa.

Sharpeville 21 March 1960

Article regarding the Sharpeville 21 March 1960. 5 000 people gathered at the Sharpeville police station near Johannesburg to start the Pan Africanist Congress campaign as a result 69 people lay dead 180 were wounded.

The road to Oslo and beyond

Article about Chief Albert Lutuli's Nobel Peace Prize award with extracts from the speech by Mr Gunnar Jahn, President of the Nobel Institute on the occasion of the presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize in the Oslo University, 10 December 1961 and the acceptance speech by Chief Lutuli.

Does Luthuli deserve the Nobel Prize?

Extract from the Rand Daily Mail, Monday, October 30, 1961. The article debating the validity of giving Albert Luthuli the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Sport: Threat to the security of the state

Brutus expounds on Special Branch interference in sports in line with apartheid ideology of white dominance. Instances of harassment of people and events connected with the South African Sports Association (SASA) are mentioned.

Luthuli dressed as Zulu chief, gets his prize: South Africa as a threat to world peace....


Excerpts from Nobel lecture by Luthuli in Oslo


The international situation

This address was delivered at the 9th National Conference of the Non-European Movement in Pietermaritzburg, on the 3rd-5th of January, 1962. This paper outlines the anti-colonial struggles of the oppressed around the world.

Why the United Front failed: Disruptive role of the PAC

Why the United Front failed: Disruptive role of the PAC, by Dr Y M Dadoo, article published in New Age, March 29, 1962. Articles gives reasons for the failure of the 'United Front', citing the PAC 'attack' on the ANC and its leaders

Persecution under apartheid law in South Africa

Paper by Dora Taylor on human rights violations perpetrated by the apartheid government.

Police community relations: a mediator's perspective

Article by a mediator following efforts by President Klerk to curb the use of excessive force by police stating the difficulties faced by public officials in the United States of America who coped with similar issues during the civil rights protests of the 1960's and 1970's.

The Conference of the All-African Convention

Draft of an article by I B Tabata, published in the January 1959 issue of Ikhwezi Lomso, about the Conference of the All-African Convention in December 1958.

The National Situation: the real problems of the liberatory movement 3

Draft of an article by I B Tabata on the political situation in South Africa and an alliance of the African National Congress, the Coloured People's Union and the South African Indian Congress.

South Africa's way forward

South Africa's way forward: statement by Moses Kotane, published in "Advance" (successor to the banned "Guardian") on May 6 and 13, 1954 about the Government's apartheid policy

The Freedom Charter

An article adopted at the Congress of the people in Kliptown, Johannesburg regarding the declaration made by the people of South Africa that South Africa belong to all who live in it , black and white, and that no government can justly claim authority unless it is based on the will of all the peo

Collective Leadership in the Soviet Union

Article by Michael Harmel in "New Age" - 'Collective Leadership in the Soviet Union'. Discusses Stalin's role in the Soviet Union

New life for 30,000 families

Article on slum clearance in Korsten, Port Elizabeth.

The bus boycott, Johannesburg: The explosive penny

Incomplete article by I B Tabata about a bus boycott in Johannesburg following an increase in fares.

University apartheid in South Africa

Unpublished article on apartheid at Universities in South Africa by I B Tabata.


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