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Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

Songs that tell of brave deeds and fierce warriors who through the telling cease to be men and become giants were all part of the education of the temporary playwright,  Tsegaye Gabre Medhin, who's been in London lecturing on a subject dear to his heart - the cultural expressions that he believes

Arts and Africa - BBC African Sevice, London

Davina Dougan speak with Werner Gillon who is an engineer by training and a professional businessman. He is also an enthusiastic collector of African carvings and sculpture and other art forms. He wrote and published a book titled, "A Short History of African Art."  

Wits Spring Festival - Social History Cycle Tour
XIVth Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association

This is the XIVth Congress of the International Comparative Literature Association held on the campus of the University of Alberta, Canada on 15-20 August, 1994. 

The history of the Indians in Natal
Gender and the development of the migrant system 1850-1930







A program of the event that took place in Charlestown, Nevis on 15-17 April, 1999, under the theme - The Islands in Between: Languages, Literature, and History of the Eastern Caribbean. 

A weeks conference in Celebration of Chinua Achebe 70th birthday

A Weekend Conference in Celebration of Chinua Achebe's 70th Birthday.

Vocational guidance service for Indians
Lanbouontwikkeling in die Indier Landelike gebied in Natal
Public servants friendly society SA
Pathfinder books
Socio Economic press cuttings
The Outspan -
Indian Land and agriculture in SA
Mandela Scrapbook 1
Doublespeak from ANC
Formation of the African National Congress
The Institution for Historical Research
Lefties parties of the world


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