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 on the Transvaal Frontier, the lamentable loss of life which occurred there and the possible danger to which his small force, although.....

South Africa and Independent Black Africa

In what has commonly been described as the opening or a new chapter in South Africa's relations with the rest or.....

History in the English-Speaking Universities of South Africa - 1920

Non-resident historians interested in the field of South African history should, before coming
to the Republic, carefully plan their research projects. All important secondary works and source
material available in print should be consulted overseas.

Project on Contemporary Political Conflict in Natal

Ethnicity, Society and Conflict in Natal

Taking lessons of history

Newspaper article

Proposal for Princess Mkabayi Beadwork Society

Junod, (1938: 36) remarks that" .... in spite of all the positive elements to be found in the Bantu languages, a very definite defect in the Bantu [as is proven], is their poor system of numeration"

Battling with Banality

This article deals with the history of nineteenth-century KwaZulu Natal, in particular the history of the British invasion of Zululand in 1879. While it used to be apartheid which threatened critical South African history, today it is competition and the free market.

The Wiser Review: No 1, July 2004

A series of essays compiled by Wiser, University of Witwatersrand

South Africa Human Rights and Civil Disobedience
Letter from F A Mouton to Peter Brown
The Group Areas Act and its effects on the Indian people being a paper by Dr G M Naicker

Conference on the Group Areas Act convened by Natal Indian Congress

Apartheid in Crisis, 1978-1989

From the book A History of South Africa, Fourth Edition Leonard Thompson


CHAPTER 7 Apartheid in Crisis, 1978-1989

Criteria in Spanish Art

Department of History of Art

A Brief History of the Natal Indian Congress

History of the N.I.C.

Natal Indian Congress - 90 Proud Year’s 1894 to 1984 advertising supplement

Post Article

PC170 Magnus Gunther Collection: Correspondence between Neville Rubin and Magnus Gunther
PC170 Magnus Gunther Collection: Correspondence between Neville Rubin and Magnus Gunther
J. St. E. Pretorius - History - UDW - Indian College - (1971) - Salisbury Island

University of Durban-Westville

Sutherland Football Club

Football in South Africa

Mr Kista Naidoo

King of Soccer


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